It was time to refresh.

The logo on the left, created in 2016, represents the beginning of the Moonrise creative journey. Straight lines, pointed stars, and an oblique crescent create a constellation "M" for Moonrise and the waning crescent moon creates a "C" for candle.

Seven years later the new Moonrise logo, seen in purple, finds nostalgia and romanticizes a hand made nature that can often feel absent in our digital world.
Feel your space GIF
The human desire to create with our hands was explored even more with the creation of our own font–inspired by our handwriting.
Candles and crystals reflected in a mirror
As we reflect back over the years we see hard work as individuals, but now we recognize that support is much stronger when we collectively work hard. For our first ever Moonrise photoshoot we asked our friends at Source Creative House to help capture the magic. 
Our creative minds are full of ideas and we cannot wait to keep sharing what makes Moonrise important to us.